About Us

Benefits to Clients

The backbone of any organization is the people and the talents they bring to the job. So the worst mistake employers can make is selecting or promoting the wrong person. Unfortunately, most companies rely solely on a resume and a brief Interview to make a very expensive hiring decision. This can lead to costly hiring mistakes and increased turnover, not to mention lost production, good will, retraining expense, and poor morale.

Performance Assessment Group provides you the ability to identify and hire top performers each and every time – those that will perform in the top 20%. An effective selection and hiring process includes more than a resume and a job interview. Furthermore, we can help you design strategies to engage, manage, retain and develop your workforce to its full potential in alignment with your organization’s mission, values, strategy and action plans.

“Since we began using Profile assessments we have seen a dramatic decrease in recruiting cost and turnover. The assessment takes the guesswork out of the interview process and helps us determine if the candidate is a good fit for the position. The coaching and management tools help our managers better understand and motivate the employee. They are a very effective tool and we plan to incorporate the use of the assessment throughout the company”.

How Does It Work?

Organizations who make good hiring decisions tend to have higher productivity and lower turnover, which positively affects their bottom line. In turn, hiring the wrong people can have a negative impact on employee morale and management time and can waste valuable training and development dollars.

The Performance Assessment Group helps organizations identify the best talent in less time by leveraging superior assessments and predictive analytics. Our PXT Selection solutions provide the talent intelligence you need to make better selection decisions, support effective onboarding, and drive the development of your people.

Businesses who use pre-employment testing to hire better people and reduce turnover often track the return on investment internally and the data is clear; our assessments more than pay for themselves. Our customers have reduced turnover from 17% to 63% after implementing our PXT Select assessments.

It is very important to identify and measure the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that predict success on the job and alignment with your organizational culture. With talent insights from Performance Assessment Group, you can more effectively build talent pipelines and support engagement-based succession planning for the long-term growth of your business.