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PXT Select Profiles Assessment Center™

The Platform You Need to Make Smart Talent Decisions

All the Data You Need — All in One Place

You need accurate, objective, and reliable assessment data to make smart talent decisions. But if you can’t easily access assessment results, how well can you really use that information?

As a state-of-the-art assessment delivery system, the Profiles Assessment CenterTM (PAC) helps you manage, schedule, deliver, and fully utilize assessment information—all from one secure, accessible location. Forget having to compile and keep track of a forest’s worth of paper assessments and reports. Instead, tap into the information you need to make smart, confident talent decisions from the convenience of your computer.

Contact us to receive your PAC login credentials today so that you can keep candidate information organized and working for you. Take the first step in using your PAC site to hire, select, and develop employees that drive your company’s success.

The Three Components to a Successful Assessment Solution

  1. The Assessment Tool: Our assessments are valid, reliable, and suitable for the goals you are trying to achieve.
  2. Support From Assessment Experts: Our experts provide you with helpful training on how to use assessments correctly and realize their full utility in your organization.
  3. The Assessment Delivery System: Our platform is easy to use for both candidates and users in your organization.

Out of these three components, the assessment delivery system—in this case, the Profiles Assessment Center—is an extremely important but often overlooked aspect of the complete solution. By presenting assessment data in a way that organizations can make use of, the PAC allows all three components of a successful assessment solution to come together.

Profiles Assessment Center Helps You:

  • Oversee hiring and development processes from one digital location
  • Tap into on-screen reporting features to enhance your experience, provide at-a- glance insights, and help you make smart talent decisions
  • Save time, money, and energy from not having to track assessments the old-fashioned way
  • Create a modern and professional impression among candidates you hope to hire

What Makes the Profiles Assessment Center Effective?

1. Easy to Use: The streamlined user experience gives candidates, employees, and hiring managers easy access to the assessments and information they need without the stress or headache. A smooth user experience removes barriers that might otherwise stand in the way of your team using the solution.

2. Positive Candidate Experience: A poor candidate experience can result
in good candidates not completing the assessment and a bad impression of your organization. A positive experience, however, positions your organization as one that cares about people and that goes the extra mile to select the best. A smooth experience elevates your perception as an employer of choice.

3. Solid Reporting & Data Availability: The Profiles Assessment Center allows you to run scenarios that help you understand what makes your people successful in specific roles. An understanding of your employees helps you make better talent decisions and maximize the return on investment in an assessment process. It allows you to keep track of hiring history and track usage all in one place.

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