Assessments & Services

Training Programs

Performance Assessment Group offers a variety of training programs to meet the specific skills needed by your workforce. All courses are offered in person or virtually. Additional information, program content and outlines of the courses will be coming soon.

Coaching Skills

Participants learn the 4 steps of a coaching conversation, and the skills of using questions to help drive performance improvement in employees.  Excellent for employee reviews and maximizing productivity.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ is key skill in forming and sustaining healthy relationships, managing stress, and having the most productive outcomes in dealing with people. Participants learn about self-management, interpersonal skills, and the importance of empathy skills.

Managing Employees

Managers and Supervisors, learn how to effectively communicate with employees, direct activities, build working relationships and learn skills on how to help them improve upon their strengths and abilities.

Executive Management and Leadership

With this course participants will learn more about themselves, their strengths, and weaknesses. Leadership skills, communications skills, how to delegate more effectively and strengthen relationships with peers and employees. 

Customer Service

Building and maintaining relationships with customers. How to handle problems with customers, conflict resolution, actively asking questions and solving customer problems. How to respond to customer needs and their questions and how to communicate with customers in a productive manner.

Interviewing Job Candidates

We train hiring managers how to effectively and legally interview by asking probing questions to get more information from a candidate. A list of interview questions that are behavior based on assessment results and their application and resume. How to respond to candidate questions and screen in and out. What is legal to ask a candidate and what is not.

Team Building

Using the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program, this course with identify strengths and gaps in an individual and how to communicate better and build on strengths of each team member to increase productivity.

Sales Training

The sales training is customized for a company’s product and service and designed for each individual and their sales force. The course includes everything from prospecting, presentation, handling objections, closing the sale, how to ask discovery questions to identify needs and then provide solutions. How to build upon relationships with the customer, how to up sell your products and service them after the sale.