“Dillard’s has found the Profile XT to be helpful in selecting the best candidate for positions in our buying and replenishment department and our department managers. By measuring the candidate against a benchmark of “proven performers” it helps us determine who is a good fit for these critical positions. We love this tool!”

Bill Dillard, III


“Prior to working with the Performance Assessment Group, we had a long-standing relationship with another assessment company.   I was reluctant to change because of the results and comfort I had with the former company.   That was 3 years ago, and I should have switched sooner.  The tools we receive are incredible, the reports are easy to read and understand.  My leadership team gets a plan of action along with a report that shows if the candidate fits or does not fit the position.  The report also provides behavioral based questions to use in the interview that helps us clearly determine if the candidate is a good hire for our company.   The coaching report and leadership report are extremely valuable and helps us develop the candidate if they are selected.

I trust the PXT assessment, and our hiring results continue to outperform the competition.”

Rose Fulton

Sr. V.P. Recruiting

“Finding the right person to fill key positions has always been a challenge. Since we started using the Profile assessments with Performance Assessment Group, we have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of new hires. The assessments give us the information we need to evaluate the total person and place them in positions where they can succeed. They have helped us avoid many costly hiring mistakes, reduced turnover and improved the overall quality of our staff”.

David Black

CEO, Healthcare Industry

“Since we began using Profile assessments we have seen a dramatic decrease in recruiting cost and turnover. The assessment takes the guesswork out of the interview process and helps us determine if the candidate is a good fit for the position. The coaching and management tools help our managers better understand and motivate the employee. They are a very effective tool and we plan to incorporate the use of the assessment throughout the company”.

Sean Rego

Vice President of Recruiting and Development

“At Carlton-Bates, we expect nothing less than the absolute best from our 600 employees in the way we serve our customers. Performance Assessment Group and Profiles International have helped us reach even higher performance standards, particularly in the areas of hiring and people development. With their tools and training I feel like we make a good partnership”.

Bill Carlton


“Since we began using the Profile assessment and Performance Assessment Group to evaluate candidates for our teller positions, we have reduced our turnover significantly. They have saved us thousands of dollars in recruiting, hiring and training expense. It is a great tool, and we plan on using it throughout the bank to evaluate existing personnel and hiring at other positions.”

Randy Herlocker

Banking Executive, Small Business Consultant