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You want to hire and develop the right employees for each position—employees that fit their roles and that have the right skills and traits to get the job done. And while you need objective, reliable, and accurate data to make smart talent decisions, you also need flexibility in determining which skills and traits to measure for predicting future job success.

That’s why we developed the PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive assessment. With our newest assessment, managers can choose to focus on evaluating Job-Person Fit based on soft skills and cultural fit while benefiting from the same scientific rigor that the full PXT Select™ assessment is known for.

The PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive assessment measures Behavioral Traits and Interests. As the name suggests, it doesn’t measure Cognitive Ability. As a result, it is shorter and simpler compared to the full version of the PXT Select™ assessment.

What Is the PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive Assessment?

The PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization based on their Behavioral Traits and Interests. It works well when hiring and selecting candidates in situations where cognition has already been pre-established or when cognitive ability is not a job requirement at the point of hiring. Organizations can also use the assessment for onboarding, coaching, strategic workforce planning, and much more.

The PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive Assessment Helps You:

  • Establish an efficient hiring and selection processAvoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Improve employee satisfaction, performance, and retention
  • Assist managers with employee coaching and onboarding
  • Identify talent gaps and focus on leveraging employee strengths

How Does the PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive Assessment Work?

Before assessing an individual, our team of experts helps you develop performance models for the jobs you need to fill. A performance model is a benchmark you will compare individuals against to establish the degree of Job-Person Fit. Once the performance model is established, candidates take the assessment online after receiving a link from the HR administrator or hiring manager.

The assessment doesn’t require monitoring, and an individual can take it from any device with internet access. The system instantly scores the assessment and sends the requested reports to the hiring manager. PXT Select™ Non-Cognitive provides the manager with a suite of 12 reports they can use for hiring and selection, onboarding, coaching, succession planning, and more.

Behavioral Traits and Interests

The Process

  • With the use of our extensive library and the help of a PXT Select™ expert, the manager creates a performance model
  • Candidates receive a link to take the online assessment
  • Assessment results are scored and benchmarked against the performance model to evaluate the degree of Job-Person Fit
  • The manager receives the results in a convenient suite of 12 reports

Time to Complete
Approximately 30 minutes. No proctoring or supervising required.


  • Comprehensive Selection Report
  • Performance Model Report
  • Multiple Positions Report
  • Multiple Candidates Report
  • Manager-Employee Report
  • Individual’s Graph
  • Individual’s Report
  • Coaching Report
  • Team Report
  • Sales: Comprehensive Report
  • Sales: Coaching Report
  • Sales: Individual Feedback Report

Used For

  • Job placement, promotion fit, team fit
  • Coaching and skills development
  • Development of job descriptions and performance models

Develop job performance models by:

  • Company
  • Position
  • Manager
  • Geography

Validation Studies

Getting Started

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See PXT Select™ in Action

Fill out the form below for a free demonstration and complimentary assessment.