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PXT Select™ Sales

Makes Hiring for Sales Positions Simpler and Smarter

“The ProfileXT Sales Assessment is spot on…! Their unique Benchmarking Process clearly tells us who is the Best Fit for our Sales Positions, and helps us identify the “Top Performers” in our candidate pool. It even tells us if they will Prospect, do they have Call Reluctance, and can they Close. It has been a Game Changer for our company”

As a business owner or hiring manager, you know that hiring bad or mediocre salespeople can be disastrous for an organization. PXT Select™ Sales equips organizations with actionable candidate data to help them interview, hire, and secure the right people for the right jobs.

PXT Select™ Sales is a unique selection assessment that fills the gap between the resume and the interview. Powered by the latest assessment technology, PXT Select™ drives a suite of reports that can be used throughout the employee lifecycle. Its suite of sales-specific reports focuses on an individual’s approach to the following critical sales practices, helping you gain insight and confidence in hiring the right salespeople.

  • Prospecting
  • Initiating Contact
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships
  • Closing the Sale
  • Self-Starting
  • Resourcefulness
  • Coachability
  • Working with a Team

One Assessment, Access to a Full Suite of Reports

PXT Select™ goes beyond the hiring process and helps you shape the overall employee experience. With sales-specific reports, PXT Select™ can help you select, onboard, coach, and develop salespeople in organizations of any size.

PXT Select™ Sales-Focused Reports Include:

Comprehensive Selection Report
This powerful report helps identify a candidate’s fit to a role. It features dynamic interview questions to help strengthen the overall hiring process. With a focus on sales, this report highlights critical sales practices, and how a candidate might demonstrate them, helping you select the right salespeople for your organization.

Individual’s Feedback Report
Candidates can learn from PXT Select™, too! This participant report offers personalized feedback to the candidate or employee.

Coaching Report
This report provides tailored coaching guidance giving managers personalized tips and strategies to develop their sales team members.

The Following Reports are Also Available with PXT Select™:

  • Multiple Positions Report
  • Multiple Candidates Report
  • Performance Model Report
  • Team Report
  • Individual’s Graph
  • Manager-Employee Report

Hire the Right Salespeople with PXT Select™ Sales

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